Death of Wolverine

The “unkillable” Wolverine finally died in the Marvel comic book universe. Not gonna lie. I was sad to see him go. While I was reading the book I kept hoping that he would just walk off into the sun set and simply give up the name Wolverine. You know, not die. He’d live a quite life. But no such luck for ol Jimmy. However his death did bring the character full circle. Wolverine is best known as a berserker raged mutant but over the years he slowly became a hero. Holding back his rage and from killing. So his final death was iconic and representative of what Logan had become. He died as a savior and not just an animal-like killer. This is another reason that I and so many others really love this character. He was always at war with himself. Struggling and often times failing to conquer his demons. Always surviving to try another day. I feel the writer, Charles Soule, really nailed the last chapter in the story of the ol Canuck. He proved Wolverine could find a way to move past his mistakes in life. Wolverine died knowing that he was not an animal and he had found peace when no else wanted him to. So this art piece is a tribute to that idea. Life may never stop challenging you. Sometimes it will straight try to destroy who you are but you can find peace. For some it might not in this world. So long Wolverine. Rest in peace. No one will bother you now.